Wife Burning in India – Why Does it Happen?

Wife burning is a heinous crime in India. Women are liberated now, but still they are not free from the fire of atrocities. Either its dowry or a Sati ritual, people can manifest women drowned in fire. Women are always exploited and underestimated since past many years. The two common practice of burning wife are: With so much pomp & show and fun & frolic, the groom’s parent welcomes the bride in their house. The girl leaves her parents house with tears in her eyes and a trust in her heart for her life partner. The Indian girl not only gets married to a boy but she considers the groom’s family as her. But what a plight of this young bride, who is 새티스파이어 surrounded by the unfamiliar people who has an eagle’s eye on her trousseau. For them she is a blank check, a hen who’ll deliver a gold egg for them daily. Harassment starts after few days. Her dedicated duties resulted as a Sisyphean. Sarcastic remarks, rude behavior and castigating her now and then. Finally, that horrifying day arrives when the poor girl who was going through this intense terror at every moment is either maimed or killed. She is drained with gasoline or any such inflammable material and burnt to ashes. But a saga is, the social stigma in India against those parents who support their daughter or file a case against her in-laws or/and husband. Some parents too leave their daughter on her fate at her in-laws place and with cruel husband. She is expected to lead her life there till death. Nobody pay heed to that palpable dead look of this bride

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